Leo C Baxter

Our association with Ms Sherry Bogner began in 1998, when we employed her to take over the running of our struggling travel agency, Travel Creations. In a short space of time, her effectiveness led us to sell her the business in 2001.

As the then Chairman and CEO of MB Technologies, I provided a reference to our group companies supporting her to procure the business of our group. Sherry’s tireless efforts and personalized attention quickly resulted in her handling the travel requirements for all our subsidiaries and our group management, for both their personal and business travel. Many of those relationships still endure today.

I don’t only speak for myself when I say that no matter where we were in the world, and no matter what “difficulty” we may have encountered, having Sherry at the end of the line, literally at any time of the day or night, coupled with her wonderful resourcefulness, often meant that we were solving problems, in way that would have been impossible without her.
I cannot recommend Sherry, or Travel Creations, highly enough.

Leo C Baxter
London, United Kingdom

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